WHITE: Symbolising the promise of an exhilarating future

Over fifteen years, White entertained and exhilarated guests and became one of the World's most captivating entertainment brands and a top 15 super-club. The club closed its doors at the start of 2023 to re-imagine the White experience ahead of a completely new club set to launch at Meydan racecourse, late 2023.

We were chosen to help the senior leadership team create a brand strategy to support the evolution of White and redesign their visual identity ahead of its re-launch.

Immersing oursleves in the brand and the experiences it's created over the first fifteen years of its life, we needed to create a strategy that would enable it to thrive over the next fifteen. The new brand positioning Entertainment Produced With Wild Passion, creates a framework that enables White to continually reinvent itself and its brand behaviours mean it will provide experiences that are Immersive, Captivating and Exhilarating.

The re-birth of Dubai's iconic super-club identity is symbolised by a graphic, bold pair of doves, embodying the essence of the brand as it continues to soar to new heights in entertainment. With wings outstretched, the doves signify a commitment to transporting guests to a place where the night becomes a canvas for stellar experiences. Our design exploration led us to create Cobalt Silver for the brand's new colour suite. The combination of cobalt blue, silver and white convey a sense of modernity, creativity, energy and technology.

The typography features a monospace font, a technical typeface born from the early days of digital and chosen deliberately to represent the way digital experiences are so intertwined into the White brand of the future.


White created a one-off event for a 10,000 capacity crowd in the summer of 2023, launching it's new brand of entertainment on the world, winning awards and accolades along the way. Tune in to White on social and watch it soar.