Earlier this year, we teamed up with UGG global to redefine their value proposition - the essence of their emotional benefits and experiences. While working through the strategy together, it became clear that UGG is uniquely positioned to own emotions relating to Feel. The essence of this value proposition transcends the brand both emotionally and physically.  Feel____ launched in August 2020 as a creative platform for inspiration, style, self-expression and emotive story-telling.

Front-footing Feel____ in their communications, August saw UGG partner with the Hammer Museum and the Huntingdon’s Made in LA 2020 exhibition and UGG filmed and interviewed two of the artists exhibiting using Feel_____ as the creative platform, enabling both artists to express themselves in a candid, emotive and inspiring way. Visit www.ugg.com/blog to find out more.

In September UGG launched Feel You - a series of influencer-led stills and films created to drive narrative that inspires and educates audiences around the world. Visit @UGG and @UGGinEurope IG channels to find out more.