We teamed up with UGG global in California to help transform their brand positioning. Following a series of strategic workshops with the team, it became clear that UGG is uniquely positioned to own FEEL. We developed their new brand positioning FEELS SO GOOD which encapsulates everything the brand stands for, both emotionally and physically, providing them with a new north star.

Laddering off their new positioning, Feel You launched as an inspiring creative platform for self-expression and emotive story-telling.

Feel Heard (LGBTQ+ activations), Feel The Power (social justice), Feel___ (campaign creative) have all evolved and expanded since the launch our brand positioning with 2023 seeing the launch of Feels Like UGG.

One of the key challenges for the brand was consumer perception around animal welfare and CSR. Leaning into their new brand positioning, we worked with the global CSR team to create their CSR strategy and customer-facing CSR platform – Feel Good. The platform enables UGG to dispel myths and falsehoods around animal welfare and foreground global brand initiatives around helping to build a regenerative world aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that UGG, and more broadly Deckers share and support.

Laddering down from the UN SDGs, the strategy focusses on two core pillars: Planet + People, landing information in a visual way and shining a light on initiatives and partnerships UGG are forging on their journey to help shape a better future for us all.