Supplement Magazine – ISSUE 4

Our fourth cover comes in two iterations. The first cover features Lera Abova shot by Mariano Vivanco; the second is a limited edition cover featuring Olympia Campbell, shot by Mark Steinmetz in Georgia, USA. We learn how Simone Rocha, became the British Fashion Council’s Designer of the Year; and find out why New York is the silent cast member in French auteur Lola Bessis’s debut film, Swim Little Fish Swim.

We talk to dancers turned choreographers Jirí and Otto Bubenícek; internationally renowned performance artist Joan Jonas; Cosey Fanni Tutti about her pre-Throbbing Gristle art stunts and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor on his reworked compositions from his 2016 solo album, Piano.

Andrew Vowles and Rafael Hirsch present Raf Simon’s collection featuring the works of Robert Mapplethorpe; Mariano Vivanco and Teddy Czopp take this season’s collections to the rough end of clown town; and Francesco Nazardo and Peghah Maleknejad have conjured up their own, quieter inner country of puff sleeves and heavy embroidery.