Supplement – Launching a Newsstand Magazine

We have always loved magazines for their ability to seduce us and in a world where digital dominates as the go-to media platform, magazines have elevated their status and become the place to discover new trends, ideas and features in a format that allows the reader to immerse themselves in the content and develop a relationship with the publication in a way that online destinations simply can't.

We developed the strategy and positioning for Supplement and set the editorial agenda. Launched in 2015, Supplement is devoted to contemporary culture in its widest sense. We are editors in chief alongside Alex Rayner and Justin Quirk, publishers, creative directors and designers. Its mission is to inspire, educate and excite creative minds, drawing connections between the art produced in the margins of society and the simple, everyday way in which people change and re-imagine their own lives; between the old avant-garde and the new frontiers of experimentation; between beautifully crafted images and long-form writing.

Independent, creative and with its content uninhibited by commercial constraints, Supplement is curated like a gallery; presenting a neutral aesthetic. Issue One featured Stacy Martin, Rashid Johnson, Kenneth Goldsmith and Will Davies with fashion stories courtesy of Albert Watson, Rory Payne, Rory van Millingen and Paul Maffi.