Sucre came to us to provide them with a renewed focus and energy. Sucre was initially positioned as a story of immigration, the convergence of Latin American and European influences on food, drink and cooking in Argentina, the home of the first Sucre. However, having opened restaurants in Dubai and London and with plans to open more, it was clear that the business had outgrown the brand and that the time was right for Sucre's brand to evolve.

The brand we created helped shift Sucre from a restaurant storied in immigration, to a restaurant rooted in cooking over fire, from a restaurant in Buenos Aires, to an experience-led restaurant for the world.

The new Sucre brand needed to be meaningful and inspiring. Conducting a series of short workshops with the leadership teams, we created a brand that was impactful and adaptive, while still able to maintain consistency across markets and audiences. We created the concept of Sucre as a restaurant 'Ignited by Passion’ that puts charismatic guest experience at the heart of what it delivers.

This strategy enabled the business to lean into a new positioning and behaviours in all its key communications and brand building initiatives across a growing geographic footprint.

The primal essence of fire, our earliest discovery, underlies the core of the brand identity. We crafted an instinctive and dynamic brand image that resonates with our tribal nature through a contemporary lens. The identity system was designed to be adaptable across diverse markets, empowering teams to tailor it to their specific audiences. Through typography, imagery, patterns, iconography and culturally relevant content, the brand speaks a universal language. Central to the brand identity is a colour palette forming a harmonious blend that symbolises the elemental power of fire cooking and natural ingredients.