In the midst of the last global recession sparked by the banking crisis, Soho House approached us with two asks: firstly to update and modernise their visual brand identity and secondly, to design a piece of communication that would inspire their current members to retain their membership while seducing new members to join Houses opening in new markets.

Working on both projects concurrently we set about creating new ways and experiences to inspire Soho House’s audiences, identifying and exploring the idea of new experiences and continuous regeneration in the visual execution. A 120 page art-book format entitled OPEN HOUSE allowed the reader to experience the interiors, spaces and distinctive features of each of the Houses across the group in chronological order, from their wonderfully humble beginnings on Greek Street to new launches in new markets around the world. The tone of voice was factual and witty.

We adopted a Hoefler & Co. typeface for both the title of the book and Soho House’s timeless visual identity, playing with very different weights for each; the new visual identity included updated graphic interpretations of their iconic logomarques and is still the identity you see today.

OPEN HOUSE was published six times in as many years, each new edition marking a significant launch into new markets including North America, Canada, Europe and Asia, while our visual identity provided a platform for us to create the identity for  their then new bar culture channel, House Tonic which revolutionised the Group's wet sales.