SOCCA: Branding a Modern Mediterranean Bistro

Socca is a charming French Mediterranean bistro tucked behind sun-kissed blue awnings on Mayfair's South Audley Street. Founded by Claude Bosi and Samyukta Nair, Socca is their rendition of the Riviera, one that combines rustic French charm with an eclectic sophistication.

With the restaurant interior rooted in whimsical oeuvres, our handwritten logotype is a celebration of the idea of self-expression by an artist; of the moment they sign a work of art that is somehow deemed finished, but in their eyes never will be.  Their signature is the most important aspect of their work, long after they are gone, symbolising authenticity, artistry and legacy. All of which are richly reflected in Socca’s devotion to the food, the drink and the experience.

Our chickpea flower logomarque (Socca means chickpea flower in French) were imagined as if sketched by the hand of an artist patron to compliment the artworks and hand painted murals in the dining room. In France, it was not uncommon for struggling artists to pay their bills with their paintings, sketches and sculptures.

Our identity runs across every human touchpoint in the restaurant as well as our website design and our animations for social.