We were invited to create the brand identity and design and build the website for esteemed Bank of England architect Sir John Soanes' country house Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, prior to its re-opening in May 2019.

We set about defining the Pitzhanger brand purpose, mission, personality and values with the client's team and then crafted the new brand identity. The logotype is set in Bodoni, a typeface rooted in the neo-classical era, the same era Soanes built Pitzhanger. The colour palette was inspired by the colour of the original wallpapers Soanes had used that were unearthed during the restoration process.

Our fully responsive website puts the brand and its audience front and centre. Beginning with the User experience, we set out to design a site with a simple and clear navigation enabling the diverse user base to find the content they are searching for, simply and with minimum of clicks. We built a fully bespoke Wordpress CMS and optimised video across the site, meaning the site is optimised for SEO while the site design combines classic and contemporary design seamlessly – mirroring the purpose, values and personalty of the brand.

To bring the site to life, we also shot three films set in the grounds of Pizthanger for use on the Home Page.