Pitch has evolved since it launched its first club in the City of London in 2017, and it’s at the forefront of demystifying golf and opening up the game to new audiences.

To signal the launch of the brand into Soho, we helped redesign Pitch’s brand and bring to life its purpose, strategy, voice and culture. These changes reflect a Pitch with the ambition of building a community centred on inclusivity and diversity, growing the game and driving pioneering perception change along the way.

Defining a new way to play

We created a new visual language to reflect their new positioning - The Modern Way To Play – incorporating tracer lines inspired by the technology employed at each club to help members improve their game. The dynamic logo ends with the ball dropping down the hole, the ultimate achievement for every golfer and synonymous with success.

The new strategy and tone enables Pitch to flex and adapt to engage audiences across the physical, digital and social environments that brands must embrace to thrive in modern times.

The new brand launched in March 2022 with our paid social campaign to recruit Founder Members for the new Soho club, achieving a 17:1 ROI.

A dynamic, flexible and future-focused platform

To coincide with the launch of their Soho club in May 2022, Pitch launched their new digital environment for all of their existing members as well as a space to nurture new ones.

The scaleable platform is fully editable, meaning not only can Pitch add, edit and remove content across the site whenever and wherever they need to, they can also add new clubs as they grow.

To showcase Pitch’s people and innovative partners including influential talent from the UK golf scene, we created a powerful advertorial tool enabling Pitch to create site-wide or page-specific advertorials, and align the content on the site with its communications across every physical and digital Pitch environment. Adding to the sense of community we utilised an aggregation tool meaning they can re-purpose relevant content from their YouTube and Instagram channels on the website.

Site visits: + 83% Y-o-Y.
Page views: + 977% Y-o-Y
User engagement: + 168% Y-o-Y