MUJI HEMP AND KAPOK: Weaving A Sustainable Future

Muji launched in 1980 as the ultimate expression of the 'no brand' brand and has always understood its responsibility in ensuring it makes a positive impact on the planet and weaving a sustainable future. In support of this, Muji launched two new plant-based fabric collections, Hemp and Kapok aligned with its founding principle: to create products that enhance our lives with unwavering attention to design and quality and removing superfluous decoration or ornamentation in the process.

Working alongside Muji, we conceived and art directed the campaigns and developed the creative platform Woven by Nature.

The films feature a series of simple messages around the environmental benefits of each collection and signs off with the secondary tag: Soft to Wear, Soft on the Planet.

As Muji navigates its sustainability journey, the launch of the Hemp and Kapok collections demonstrate how innovation will help it play its part in creating a more sustainable world for us all.