Muji work with some of the world’s best designers, artisans and makers to create best essential products designed to enhance our everyday. Their products span every consumer category imaginable – from wardrobe to food, stationery to travel, dining to household and everything in-between. Each season, Muji carefully hand-picks a selection of their most coveted products of the moment and markets them on their Best Essentials platform. The aim, to communicate to customers that Muji design relevant, high-quality everyday essential products at an affordable price.

With unwavering attention to design, quality and value all being core to Muji’s philosophy, we needed to bring a renewed focus on these values into the best essential concept via the positioning, the creative, the messaging and the design. We worked with the merchandising and marketing team to identify five key Essential categories: Dining, Self-care, Housekeeping, Stationery and Wardrobe. We shot a series of product stills and films with audio that idolised each product.

Adding to the idea, we created searchable product inventory codes that we locked up with the product titles and price in a way that amplifies the 'everyday essential’ dimension of the concept.

The creative idolises Muji products, emphasising their design and quality; the product messaging hierarchy categorises the products simply for customers and the addition of a Muji brand message 'for a pleasant life’ rooted in Muji's DNA, places these products and the brand firmly in the customer's everyday.