MIMI MEI FAIR – Changing Mayfair’s Chinese dining landscape

LSL Capital are a boutique investment business with a portfolio of category-leading restaurants. They approached us to develop the name and visual brand identity for their new Chinese restaurant. In their own words, 'we need to build a brand and narrative that will resonate with our audience, wherever they are in the world'. Set over three floors, the first restaurant is nestled in two townhouses on Curzon Street, Mayfair, comprising three dining rooms, a private room and bar.

We worked with LSL to create the brand name, brand strategy and visual brand identity.


As well as a charming name, Mimi also means secret in Cantonese so we set about developing her persona – Mimi becoming the keeper of Chinese culinary secrets and the restaurant, her London residence and an elegant, charismatic modern expression of China’s culinary arts.

Our hand-drawn logotype blends humanist construction with classical proportions, contains echos of art-deco influences and possesses an understated flair. The result is a logotype perfectly suited to settings where elegance and charisma are not overshadowed by friendliness and charm.

Our logo-marque was inspired by Chinese Feng Shui coins and good fortune symbols which traditionally denoted prosperity and good luck. Our design incorporates a graphic peony that also symbolise prosperity and good luck as well as love and honour.

Our floral patterns are inspired by antique Chinese rugs and Art-Deco artworks. These were then applied to carefully constructed leather menu covers with inset panels, perfectly foiled in multiple colours.

Our bar illustration for the Moon Bar sees the mythological Jade Rabbit flying across the face of the moon where he lived, creating the elixir of life.