Le Creuset have been bringing colour to people's kitchens ever since its founders first enamelled cast-iron back in 1925. They wanted the world to 'have colour in their kitchens and their lives’ and the brand has been expanding on this idea ever since. Recognised around the world as an icon of the kitchen, Le Creuset has become a byword for high quality, stylish cookware, trusted by millions, not least because every one of their cast iron products is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Every brand recognises the need to engage with and acquire new customers continuously and also understands the necessity to evolve their creative and communications to support this ambition.

With fierce competition emerging in the cookware market over recent years, we partnered with the Le Creuset UK leadership team and global creative to re-imagine their brand and develop a new creative platform designed to engage a younger customer. The creative supports the original vision of Le Creuset's founders,  bringing colour to their customer's kitchens and their lives.

When we think of colour; we immediately jump to their colourful cookware; after all, it’s what Le Creuset are famous for, but the campaign also embraces the diverse and rich symbolism of the word colour in the narrative. We all need colour in our lives – it is pure energy – and the beauty of the campaign idea lies in the idea that it can mean something slightly different, to each and every one of us.

Cook in Colour is about self-expression. It’s about the Le Creuset customer's style and their stories: of cooking, sharing, entertaining, tasting and living in colour.

We also developed Le Creuset's new brand positioning designed to communicate their unique brand proposition – Good Taste Lasts a Lifetime – which signs off the campaign.