Leading MENA hospitality group Addmind asked us to help them redefine their Iris brand Ito grow its relevance with a new cultural audience growing into the brand. Renowned for their free-spirit and the energy they bring to their outside locations, we worked with Addmind to create a new strategy and brand identity.

Iris' new brand positioning had to reflect the emotions their guests experience – spiritually uplifting, care-free, creative and cared for. The new brand identity features a graphic representation of the Iris flower - known for its divine link between heaven an earth and that we interpreted as a metaphor for their outdoor lounges and beach clubs. We hand-drew the letter shapes in the logotype which were adapted from the logomarque.

Three brands sit within the Iris portfolio – Iris Lounge, Iris Beach and Iris Café and each required their own colour suite and graphic system relevant to the guest experience.

Our strategy instills a sense of community around being an Iris guest and gives credibility to each of its brands as a place to discover, create and escape.