Glenfarclas is one of Speyside’s most cherished single malt whiskies, revered not only by whisky connoisseurs around the world, but also by its peers across Scotland.

Glenfarclas has been in the Grant family ever since they first created it in 1836. Today, 185 years on, it’s one of the few distilleries that is still family-owned. The majesty of tradition and the unique character of each expression run right to the heart of the brand.

Fully appreciating that any brand that has evolved over nearly two centuries requires a carefully-considered strategic approach and a creative that honours its past while helping it to embrace the future; the need to express the single most important attribute in the process of making one of the finest single malt whiskies was paramount, and that attribute is time.

Aimed at engaging a younger consumer, our creative strategy centred around the concept of discovery - one of the key demand drivers for this audience. Our film depicts a journey of discovery as seen through the lens of six generations of Grant family, each generation carefully preserving its time-honoured traditions for the next. Our campaign strap-line capturing this – Times change, but our spirit hasn’t.

We’ve played a very small part in the evolution of this wonderful brand, but we’ve helped to tell their story in a way that honours their tradition and unique character for future generations to discover, savour and take time to share.