The UGG Classic is about as iconic as it gets and the biggest challenge for any brand is to continually evolve the creative and narrative around its icons to keep products relevant today and engage new customers tomorrow, wherever they are in the world.

Following on from our global re-positioning focusing on how UGG makes us feel, we worked with UGG to create a campaign for the EMEA region working with talent that are both relevant to the UGG customer now and who mirror their brand values.

The new campaign adds regional relevance to the global campaign and supports the brand’s emotive positioning, bringing a vibrant youthful energy and cultural dynamism to the brand.

We commissioned and briefed Berlin-based artist Ruohan Wang to paint a mural on London’s Redchurch Street as a backdrop for the campaign.

Our talent were shot against the mural, including London-based rapper Enny, model and disabilities advocate Ryan Zaman and model and body-positive advocate Enam Asiama. This group of talent reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the UGG brand today.

Alongside the films and stills, we also developed and shot moments for TikTok and Instagram that celebrate each creator’s unique style and individual talents.

The campaign presents a cast of unique creators inspiring us all to be true to ourselves and to JUST Feel You. And in helping them to tell their stores, UGG tells its own.