Ahead of its launch in 2020, hospitality titans Addmind group asked us to help define the brand positioning and expand the brand identity for Japanese restaurant Clap. They also asked us to create the identity for their music-led speakeasy bar, Ongaku which literally translates as Music. Fast forward to 2024 and the team asked for our support in writing a new chapter for the ever-growing house of brands and create a unifying brand framework ahead of their new London restaurant and cafe (KA-FE) launch as well as the launch of their new concept – Clap Ibiza, Lifestyle Oasis, launching in late spring 2024.

We supported the leadership team in evolving Clap’s positioning to Life's Captivating Rhythm and redefined their brand values and personality. We then set about expanding Clap's visual identity, including new Kimono patterns for London and Ibiza and a hexagonal design system incorporating the Clap logormarque. We also designed a new identity for KA-FE, laddering subtly into the Clap brand while possessing its own identity and individuality.

The unifying, new framework enables each brand in the Clap portfolio to flourish and retain a sense of independence while simultaneously presenting a connectedness to its sibling brands, rallying employees, investors and consumers alike. The frameworks also includes a new tone of voice, bringing a sense of warmth and consistency to the brands.

Success across a portfolio of brands involves a lot of hard teamwork and is never easily accomplished, but it sure gets easier once you’ve found your rhythm.