Burr & Co – Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

Principal Hotel Company invited us to develop the brand strategy and brand identity for their modern-day tap room at the Principal London and Principal Edinburgh. The concept is an easy-going coffeehouse serving its own unique and distinctive Burr & Co. branded coffee c/o Caravan Coffee Roasters, alongside breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, snacks and a wider selection of drinks including glasses of wine and beer.

We took our inspiration for the name from the mill that revolutionised the way coffee was ground in the late 1700's - the Burr.

The logomark is a graphic representation of the burr mill used in coffee grinders to convert the perfect bean, to the perfect ground and ultimately, a great cup of coffee.

The brand strategy has an industrious angle, referencing the mill, this led us to our strap-line Devoted to Coffee and working closely with the client, we developed a photogram frieze inspired by the works of Man Ray and more recently Joby Williamson, for use across the brand.